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Artificial Grass Eastbourne.
Beautiful Grass – All Year Round.

Beautiful Artificial Grass in Eastbourne

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Are you looking to transform your garden, or have a commercial setting in need of some improvement? Artificial grass provides the ideal solution to your home or business with its durable, low maintenance, child friendly properties. It beautifully enhances any outdoor or indoor space with its authentic look and provides a long-term, cost-effective solution due to its low maintenance requirements.

Here at Eco Lawns we are experts in the supply and installation of artificial grass. Whilst our products are high-class, our prices are surprisingly cost-effective. We specialise in affordable, top of the range products, including “Always Green” by Marshalls - a highly superior artificial grass product within the market. As accredited members of the Marshalls register of “Approved Landscapers and Driveway Installers”, you can trust you are dealing with the best when you choose Eco Lawns.

Based in Eastbourne, our friendly team have served individual customers and businesses throughout the local area and further afield within Sussex. Our range of products are vast, so there is always something to suit your individual requirements and budgets. Gone are the days when artificial grass looked well, artificial, with a rough exterior and unrealistic appearance. Today, people struggle to tell the difference.

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Artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be used within a huge range of settings on account of its durability and low maintenance needs, not to mention its non-toxic properties which makes it child and pet friendly. It is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of commercial settings, from swimming pools to hotels, playgrounds to sports centres.  It is a popular choice for schools and nurseries being graze proof and easy to clean. For the older generation it also provides a perfect outdoor solution, with no manual labour required navigating your lawn with that bulky lawn mower.

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Eco Lawns – Artificial Grass at its Best

Why not visit our gallery to see the impressive results we have achieved here at Eco Lawns. We are proud to serve Eastbourne and Sussex with an exemplary service and superior products at a budget to suit everyone’s needs. Contact us today, our friendly team are always ready to help. Artificial Grass Eastbourne with Eco Lawns in Sussex.

Artificial grass Eastbourne

There are many benefits for choosing artificial grass ...

Beautiful all year round. Even colour, no mud patches and no annoying moss. Eco Lawns grass is 100% polyethylene giving it a soft feel whilst maintaining its sturdy structure. Unlike cheaper products that appear coarse and resemble plastic, Eco Lawns only supply the most authentic artificial grass.
Home Made
Our products are 100% British made.
Perfect for a wide range of settings both domestic and commercial.
Low Maintenance
No need for a lawn mower taking up space in your shed, no watering, titivating and weeding. Easy to clean and resistant to staining.
Extremely durable with minimal maintenance.
Our products carry a 10-year guarantee against UV damage, with its inbuilt UV protection, our products remain looking great for longer.
Child and Pet friendly
Our artificial grass has no toxic properties and is hypoallergenic, making it completely child and pet friendly. It is easy to clean, which is always useful when children or animals are involved.